Blackout Tattoo Style by the Artist Jeanmarco in Texas

There’s something quite fascinating about a Blackout Tattoo or Solid Black Tattoo. It’s ethereal and mesmerizing, like a shadow dancing on the wall. Jeanmarco Cicolini is a Geometric Tattoo Artist in Texas and Spain, who is known for creating beautiful modern geometric blackout tattoos. If you’re considering getting one of these unique tattoos, you won’t be disappointed.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!

Full Sleeve By Jeanmarco Cicolini Blackout Tattoo Artist In Dallas, Texas
Full sleeve by jeanmarco blackout tattoo artist in Dallas, Texas
Blackout Sleeve Tattoo Dallas Tx
Black Tattoo Full Sleeve in Dallas, Texas

So, what is a blackout tattoo or Black tattoo?

A black out tattoo is a tattoo that covers a large area of the body with Solid Black ink. Black tattoo can be used to cover up existing tattoos (tattoo cover up), or they can be created as standalone pieces of art. Blackout tattoos are typically done in one session, and sometimes they can take anywhere a few days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Black Out tattoo are exactly what they sound like tattoos that are completely blacked out. No color, no shading, nothing. Just pure BLACK INK.

Blackout Tattoo Half Sleeve By Jean Marco Cicolini
Blackout tattoo half sleeve by Jeanmarco Cicolini
Black Out Tattoo Sleeve By Jeanmarco Cicolini
Blackout Tattoo sleeve by Jeanmarco Tattoo Artist, DFW

modern geometric blackout tattoo

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram, chances are you’ve come across geometric blackout tattoos. They are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of body art, and they’re becoming more and more popular in Texas.

Below are some unedited Blackout photographs...

What is the pain like when getting a blackout tattoo?

In general, blackout tattoos are often considered to be more uncomfortable compared to other types of tattoos, both during the tattooing process and during the healing process.

This is due to the fact that in order to achieve proper coverage and saturation, multiple passes over the same area of skin are often necessary, which can lead to increased irritation and pain.

You also have to know that there can almost always be swelling in the tattooed area for 2 or 3 days after the tattoo is done.

Geometric Blackout tattoo artist in Dallas, TX

I'm Jeanmarco, Cicolini Tattoo Artist specialized in BLACKOUT Tattoos in Texas. I've been tattooing for over 10 years now and I love it more than ever. If you like Black Tattoos do not hesitate to contact me!
Black Out Arm Tattoo Done In Dallas By Jeanmarco
Blacked Out Arm Sleeve Tattoo by Jeanmarco in Dallas
Blackout Tattoo Half Sleeve Dallas Tx
Blackout Tattoo by Jeanmarco Tattoo Artist, DFW

What you don't know about Geometric Blackout Tattoo

Geometric Blackout Tattoo In Dallas, Tx
Geometric Blackout Tattoo by Jeanmarco Tattoo Artist, TX

Getting a blackout tattoo is a commitment, but if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, there are a few things you should know:

  1. They look great and can be very unique
  2. Black tattoos are perfect for those who want a subtle and elegant tattoo.
  3. They are perfect for people who want to cover up an old tattoo or hide scars
    and a mistakes.
  4. They can be combined with Geometric Tattoo style to create a one-of a kind design.
  5. They last a long time and do not fade easily
  6. Blackout tattoos require great effort and skill on the part of the tattoo artist to achieve a solid and uniform finish.
  7. Blackout tattoos are simple but powerful, as they use only one color (black) to completely cover an area of the body.
  8. Blacked tattoos tend to last longer due to the black ink used, which is resistant to sunlight, water and the passage of time.
  9. These tattoos can create a great visual effect due to their nature of completely covering an area with black ink.
  10. Artistic expression, some people see blackout tattoos as a form of artistic expression and like the minimalist, hard look they have.

Best cover up tattoo artist in Dallas, TX

If you’re looking Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist in Texas, or something unique and eye-catching, a Blackout Tattoo might be right for you.

Don’t let your Tattoos embarrass you! once you go Black, you never go Back!

Blackout Tattoo Artist In Dallas, Texas
Blackout tattoo leg

Are you looking for a Best Blackout Tattoo Artist in Texas?

Jeanmarco Cicolini is a Tattoo Artist in Dallas, Texas, and he works seasonally as a geometric tattoo artist in Chicago, Florida, NJ and San Diego also specializes in Blackout Tattoos, if you’re interested in getting a Blackout Tattoo or covering up an old tattoo in TEXAS, Cicolini is the man for the job, his work is amazing and sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

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