Jeanmarco | Dotwork Geometric Tattoo Artist In Dallas, Tx

Geometric Tattoo Artist in Dallas, TX

Jeanmarco, Geometry Tattooer in Dallas

Jeanmarco Cicolini is a Geometric Tattoo Artist in Dallas, Texas specialized in Dotwork, Mandalas and Geometric Patterns inspired by Sacred Geometry & Platonic Solids. He likes to think that art is sacred and often uses it as a way to communicate thoughts and feelings.

He’s always been fascinated by the beauty of mathematics and the way it can be used to create perfect shapes and patterns. This fascination led him to specialize in Geometric Tattoos, which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their minimalist style and intricate details.

Geometric Dotwork Tattoo Specialist

Geometric Dotwork Tattoos are becoming more and more popular in recent years, particularly among people living in major cities like Austin, Dallas and Denton, Texas. This style of tattooing combines intricate motifs from sacred geometry, and other complex geometric patterns & mandalas typically rendered in a minimalist aesthetic.

Jeanmarco’s reputation as one of the best Geometric Tattoo Artists in Dallas is well-established. The extent of his skill may be up for debate, but there’s no denying that his Geometric Dot Tattoos are truly exceptional!

The appeal of these tattoos lies in their natural beauty and symmetry, as well as the sense of mystery that they evoke. Moreover, the meticulous nature of Dotwork Tattoos lends itself well to more detailed designs. Whether you’re considering getting a Geometric Dot work Tattoo or also called geometric Stipple Tattoo or simply admiring this trend from afar, one thing is certain: this unique style is here to stay. I remind you his name: Jeanmarco Cicolini Dotwork Tattoo Artist in Dallas, Austin and Denton, TX


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Jeanmarco although its main location is Dallas, Texas, he expands his art beyond his Roots.

Dallas, TX
New Jersey
New Jersey
Chicago, IL
San Diego, Ca
San Diego, CA
Miami, FL

Always in seasons, he collaborates with studios in several U.S. cities, including NYC, Chicago, San Diego CA, New Jersey and Florida.
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