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Jeanmarco Cicolini

Hi! I’m Jeanmarco Cicolini, a tattoo artist specialized in geometric tattoos located in Doral, Florida, and from March 2024, I’ll be as a guest artist at INK FOR THE SOUL STUDIO. If you wish, you can Book an Appointment with me right Now, thank you!

In the bustling cities of Miami, Florida, Texas, and even Spain, I find my artistic haven as a passionate Geometric Tattoo Artist. My creative niche lies in the mesmerizing realm of Geometric Tattoos. My forte? Mastering the art of Dotwork Tattoos and Mandalas, deeply inspired by the sacred enigma of Geometry.

The method I employ in my artistic pursuits is none other than the enchanting Pointillism, known by various monikers in different lands – Dotwork being one of them. Each tattoo I meticulously craft is a bespoke masterpiece, infused with an unparalleled essence. I pour my heart into every geometric design, crafting patterns that enthrall the senses with their visual splendor and fluidity. The outcome? An extraordinary and distinctive piece of art, brought to life within the walls of my creative sanctuaries – Baltasar Tattoo Studio in the heart of Madrid and Ink For the Soul in the alluring realm of the city of Doral, Florida.

Geometry, oh, how it consumes my thoughts and passions! It has forever enchanted me, serving as the guiding light that steered me towards the path of specialization in Geometric Tattoos. Witnessing the stunning results of my labor, my clients are left spellbound, basking in the glory of my intricate creations.

Though born in the captivating lands of Italy, my heart yearned for the beauty concealed within geometric shapes and patterns. Mandalas, in all their celestial glory, became my chosen medium to express this fascination – symbols embodying Unity, Power, Protection, and Harmony, scattered across the cosmic expanse.

The reach of my artistry spans far and wide, gracing websites and magazines across the globe. The world, diverse in its tapestry, has embraced my tattoos with admiration and awe. My mission is simple yet profound:

Create not just beautiful tattoos but meaningful and personal emblems, tailored to touch the souls of my esteemed clients.

Venturing across the European landscape, I had the privilege to collaborate with esteemed dotwork tattooists, an experience that enriched my vision as an abstract artist in the realm of tattoos.

3D Geometric Tattoo

The concept of a ‘3D geometric tattoo’ absolutely fascinates me. It’s like taking the classic beauty of geometric designs and infusing them with an extra dimension of depth and realism. As an artist, I relish the challenge of playing with perspective and shapes to create tattoos that seem to come alive on the skin. Crafting intricate polyhedrons or illusory cubes that pop off the body is a thrilling artistic journey. These 3D geometric tattoos aren’t just ink; they’re a testament to the convergence of art, imagination, and the canvas of the human form.

Prepare to be captivated by my artistic repertoire – delve into psychedelic realms, traverse the mind-bending territories of op art, bask in the allure of tantalizing textures, and navigate through enigmatic mazes. My palette of shapes and concepts knows no bounds – a reflection of my boundless passion for the art of tattooing.

Books are open from March 2024

5 benefits of getting a Sacred geometry tattoo

Exclusivity and originality

A geometric dotwork tattoo provides you with a unique and customized design. Each line and dot is meticulously crafted to create an artwork that reflects your style and personality in a completely original way.

Sacred geometry used in geometric dotwork tattoos can hold deep spiritual significance. These symbols are based on mathematical principles and represent universal concepts such as unity, harmony, and connection with the cosmos. Your tattoo can visually express your deepest beliefs and values.

The dotwork style in geometric tattoos creates a visually striking effect. Individual dots combine to form intricate patterns and shapes, resulting in a detailed and captivating design. Your tattoo will stand out from the crowd and attract attention from everyone who sees it.

Geometric dotwork tattoos tend to be more durable due to the technique used. The individual dots are intricately woven together, helping the tattoo maintain its shape and detail over time. You can enjoy your artwork for many years without it fading or losing its visual quality.

A geometric dotwork tattoo can be a constant source of inspiration and a conversation starter. Sacred geometry and precise designs can pique curiosity and generate interesting discussions about symbolism, spirituality, and art. Your tattoo will be a personal expression that allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful dialogues.


Are you looking for a Best geometric tattoo artist south florida?

Look no further! Jeanmarco Cicolini is the Geometric Tattoo artist in Miami, Florida you are searching for to bring your creative vision to life.

With his mastery in the art of Geometric Tattoos, Jeanmarco has left an indelible mark on the Artistic community of the region. His passion for Sacred Geometry and precision is reflected in every tattoo  he creates, and his ability to blend modern aesthetics with deep meaning makes him the ideal artist for those seeking artwork that goes beyond the ordinary. If you’re ready to embark on a unique and dazzling artistic journey, contact Jeanmarco Cicolini and discover the power of Geometric Art at its finest.

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