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Jeanmarco Cicolini

Hello, I’m Jeanmarco Cicolini, a Geometric Guest Tattoo Artist based in New York City. Specialized in Dotwork, Mandalas, and Geometric Patterns. Starting September 2024, I’ll be bringing my expertise to INKOLOGY TATTOO ART GALLERY. Ready to elevate your style? Book your appointment now and let’s craft a stunning geometric masterpiece together. See you at INKOLOGY TATTOO ART GALLERY!

Amidst the bustling streets of Miami, Texas, and even Spain, my soul finds its sanctuary as a fervent Geometric Tattoo Artist. Within the enchanting world of Geometric Tattoos, I’ve carved my creative niche, where Dotwork and Mandalas intertwine, drawing inspiration from the sacred enigma of Geometry.

With each stroke, I weave the captivating art of Pointillism, infusing every meticulously crafted tattoo with an unparalleled essence. Pouring my heart into each geometric design, I create patterns that dazzle the senses with their visual splendor and graceful flow. The result? An extraordinary and distinctive piece of art, brought to life within the walls of my creative sanctuaries – Baltasar Tattoo Studio in the heart of Madrid and in the alluring realm of New York City.

Geometry, a consuming passion that forever enchants my thoughts! It beckoned me towards this specialized path in Geometric Tattoos, leaving my clients spellbound by the stunning results of my labor.

Though my birthplace lies in the captivating lands of Italy, my heart yearned for the hidden beauty within geometric shapes and patterns. Mandalas, celestial symbols of Unity, Power, Protection, and Harmony, became my chosen medium to express this fascination, their grace scattered across the cosmic expanse.

My artistic reach spans across the globe, gracing websites and magazines alike. The world, with its diverse tapestry, has embraced my tattoos with admiration and awe. My mission is simple yet profound:

Create not just beautiful tattoos, but meaningful and personal emblems, tailored to touch the souls of my esteemed clients.

As I venture across the European landscape, I have the privilege to collaborate with the best dotwork tattoo artists, enriching my vision as an abstract tattoo artist.

Prepare to be captivated by my artistic repertoire – delve into psychedelic realms, traverse the mind-bending territories of op art, bask in the allure of tantalizing textures, and navigate through enigmatic mazes. My palette of shapes and concepts knows no bounds – a reflection of my boundless passion for the art of tattooing.

With each creation, I hope to leave an everlasting mark on hearts and minds, as my tattoos become a gateway to the deepest parts of the human experience. So let us embark on this soul-stirring journey together, as art and emotion intertwine, forever imprinted on the canvas of your skin.

Books are open for July & September 2024

5 Exquisite Benefits of Adorning Sacred Geometry Tattoo in NYC

Embracing the Essence of Exclusivity and Originality

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of geometric dotwork tattoos, where each line and dot weaves a unique and personalized design, reflecting your style and personality in an utterly original way. Witness the profound spiritual significance of sacred geometry, where mathematical symbols embody universal concepts like unity, harmony, and cosmic connection. Your tattoo becomes a vivid visual expression of your deepest beliefs and values, etched into the very fabric of your soul.

Embrace the profound inspiration that your geometric dotwork tattoo embodies, igniting the flame of curiosity and sparking intriguing conversations about symbolism, spirituality, and the essence of art. Your tattoo becomes a portal to deep introspection, a personal expression that bridges the gap between kindred souls, connecting you to like-minded individuals and fostering meaningful dialogues that enrich your heart and soul.

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing effect of the dotwork style in geometric tattoos. As individual dots come together to form intricate patterns and shapes, a detailed and captivating design emerges, setting your tattoo apart from the crowd and drawing admiration from every eye that beholds it. It’s a visual masterpiece that transcends mere ink, leaving a lasting impression on hearts and minds alike.

Beyond its striking appearance, a geometric dotwork tattoo reveals unparalleled durability, a testament to the technique’s meticulous intricacy. Each dot is skillfully woven together, ensuring your tattoo maintains its shape and exquisite detail over time, remaining a cherished work of art for years to come. Let it be a timeless companion on your journey, its visual quality undiminished, and its emotional impact undying.

So, step into the realm of geometric dotwork tattoos, where emotions fuse with symbolism, and art becomes a conduit for spiritual exploration. Allow this sacred art to etch its way into your existence, painting a masterpiece of identity, and leaving an indelible mark that resonates with the cosmos itself.

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Jeanmarco Tattoo | Geometry Tattoo Artist Dallas

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