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Amidst the lively expanse of Chicago,CHOICE of GEOMETRIC TATTOOS, seeking a sensible COUNSEL for a profound and unforgettablee JOURNEY.

Jeanmarco Cicolini

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Artist in Chicago

Hello there! I’m Jeanmarco Cicolini, an Geometric Tattoo Artist located in Wicker Park, Chicago, and I will be from February 2024 at my favorite studio Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, and you can Book an Appointment Now!

As a passionate and highly skilled Geometric Tattoo Artist, my craft revolves around the intricate world of geometric tattoos. My expertise lies in the creation, design, and conceptualization of dotwork tattoos and mandalas, all inspired by the profound realm of sacred geometry.

Stroke by stroke, I skillfully weave the mesmerizing technique of Pointillism, infusing every meticulously etched tattoo with an unparalleled essence. My passion pours into each geometric design, birthing patterns that captivate the senses with their visual opulence and graceful flow. The outcome? Each piece becomes an exceptional work of art, brought to life within the walls of my creative sanctuarie: the captivating realm of Chicago.

Geometry, an insatiable ardor that perpetually captivates my musings, beckoned me onto this specialized journey in Geometric Tattoos, enchanting my clients with the breathtaking fruits of my labor.

Italian Mandala Tattoo Artist 

Although Italy marks my birthplace, my heart yearned for the concealed elegance within geometric forms and motifs. Mandalas, celestial symbols of Unity, Power, Protection, and Harmony, have become my chosen canvas to express this fascination, their grace strewn across the cosmic expanse.

My artistic influence extends beyond borders, finding its place on the pages of websites and magazines worldwide. In this richly diverse world, I am humbled by the appreciation and curiosity that my tattoos have garnered. My mission, though elegantly straightforward, carries profound significance:

Craft not simple sacred geometry tattoo, but personalized emblems laden with meaning, meticulously tailored to resonate with the souls of my esteemed clients.

Dotwork Tattoo Artists in Chicago

I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of Europe’s most renowned dotwork tattoo artists, enriching my perspective as an abstract tattoo maestro.

Immerse yourself in psychedelic realms, journey through the mind-bending landscapes of op art, luxuriate in the allure of tantalizing textures, and navigate intricate enigmatic mazes. My palette of shapes and concepts knows no confinement—a testament to my limitless ardor for the art of expanse tattoo.

With each creation, my aspiration is to leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds, as my tattoos transform into gateways to the profound layers of human experience. Join me on this captivating journey of the soul, where art and emotion entwine, eternally inscribed on the canvas of your skin.

Books are open for September 2024

InKtersections: Sacred Geometry and Tattoo Queries

Are geometric tattoos cheaper?

The cost of a geometric tattoo depends on various factors. The complexity of the design, the size and placement of the tattoo, as well as the skill of the tattoo artist and the location of the studio, are key determinants. Although these tattoos can be more expensive than traditional ones, it’s an investment in high-quality, enduring tattoo art.

The complexity of the design plays a crucial role in the cost of a geometric tattoo. Intricate patterns require more time and skill, which can raise the price. Size and placement are also significant factors; larger tattoos or those in challenging areas may require more work and impact the cost. The experience of the tattoo artist and the geographical location of the studio also influence the price; in urban areas, prices tend to be higher due to overhead costs.

In summary, when considering a geometric tattoo, it’s crucial to research and choose a qualified tattoo artist. Opt for a design with personal and meaningful significance. Remember that the cost reflects the mastery and dedication invested in creating a lasting and visually impactful piece of body art.

Sacred geometry is frequently inspired by patterns and shapes found in nature, and it can symbolize the connection between the earthly and the divine.

Any part of the body is entirely suitable for geometry. If you want to display the tattoo to the world, choose the arms, legs, and neck; for more personal images, the chest, side, and thigh are ideal options.

The permanence of a tattoo is subject to the speed of the chosen tattoo artist, the size, and the complexity of the design. It’s likely that a simple geometric design will be done in a single session, while a full sleeve or a piece on the back could require several hours and sessions to be completed entirely.

Trends in the world of tattoos are ever-changing, but geometric tattoos, sometimes known as sacred geometry tattoos also some people call it expanse tattoo, are timeless and continue to make a lasting impression on the scene. These challenging and beautiful tattoos require an almost supernatural level of precision from the artist, but the results speak for themselves.


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Your quest concludes here! Seek no further than Jeanmarco Cicolini, the ingenious Sacred Geometry Tattoo artisan in Chicago, poised to infuse vitality into your artistic aspirations like never before.

If you’re eager to embark on an extraordinary and mesmerizing artistic expedition, Jeanmarco Cicolini stands as the artist to confide in.

Delay not; take the plunge and encounter the metamorphic potency of Sacred Geometry Art at its zenith. Connect today and bear witness to your imaginative panorama blossoming into an emotional and visual masterpiece, destined to forever inhabit a hallowed alcove within your heart.

Book now and let your skin do the talking!

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Jeanmarco Tattoo | Geometry Tattoo Artist Dallas

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