Jeanmarco, a Sacred Geometry Tattoo Artist in Dallas, TX

Meet Jeanmarco, a Geometric Tattoo Artist based in Dallas, TX and Madrid, Spain who specializes in sacred geometry tattoos & Blackout Tattoo. He also works seasonally as a geometric tattoo artist in Florida, Chicago and San Diego, CA, Jeanmarco’s passion for art began at a young age and was further fueled by his interest in math and science. After completing his apprenticeship, Jeanmarco began to develop his own style of tattooing which combines clean lines and geometric shapes to create intricate patterns that are both visually stunning and full of meaning.

Geometry Tattoo Artist in Dallas, TX

I'm Jeanmarco, Cicolini Geometry Tattoo Artist specialized in Mandala Tattoos in Dallas, I've been tattooing for over 10 years now and I love it more than ever. Every new project is a new challenge that allows me to grow as an artist. If you like mandala tattoos do not hesitate to contact me!

Why Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the study of patterns that are found in nature. This can include things like the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, and symmetrical patterns. To Jeanmarco, these patterns are a representation of the interconnectedness of all things and they hold a deep spiritual significance. When tattooing these patterns onto the body, Jeanmarco feels like he is creating a permanent connection between the individual and the universe.

Geometric Mandala Dotwork Back Denton Tx
Sacred Geometry Mandala Back

Process sacred geometry tattoo sleeve

Tattooing is an incredibly intimate experience and Jeanmarco takes this very seriously. He works closely with each client to ensure that they are comfortable with the design before starting the tattoo. Once the tattoo is complete, he provides aftercare instructions to help the client heal properly and keep their tattoo looking its best for years to come.

The Result

Jeanmarco’s tattoos are truly one of a kind. His attention to detail and precise lines create tattoos that are both visually appealing and deeply meaningful. If you’re looking for a tattoo that is both beautiful and full of purpose, look no further than Jeanmarco.

Geometric Dotwork Arm Tattoos Done In Texas
Beautiful Sacred Geometry Tattoo Sleeve

Are you looking for a Sacred Geometry tattoo artist in Texas?

If you’re looking for a talented tattoo artist in Dallas, TX who specializes in Sacred Geometry Tattoos, look no further than Jeanmarco. His intricate designs are inspired by his love of art, math, and science, and each tattoo has deep spiritual significance. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo that is both meaningful and visually stunning, contact Jeanmarco today to schedule a consultation.

One popular style is Dotwork Mandala Tattoos. This type of tattoo uses densely packed geometric patterns, resulting in stunningly detailed artworks that are visually striking yet minimalist at the same time.

Dotwork Geometry Sleeve Tattoo Tx
Sacred Geometry Tattoo Sleeve by jeanmarco in. Dallas, TX

Whether you are considering getting a beautiful Dotwork Mandala Tattoo or Sacred Geometry Tattoo Sleeve, simply appreciate the beauty and complexity of these intricate tattoos, there is no doubt that they have come to be seen as a powerful symbol of meaning, purpose, and connection across cultures and traditions.

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