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Jeanmarco Cicolini

I’m Jeanmarco Cicolini, a geometry lover turned tattoo artist based in New Jersey. My art dives into the magical world of Dotwork, Mandalas and Geometric Patterns.

In the midst of cities like Miami, Texas and even Spain, I find my inspiration and refuge in the depth of geometry that lies everywhere. Each stroke is harmony, a dance between lines and shapes that seek to capture the very essence of sacred geometry in each tattoo. My studio is my creative sanctuary, a space where magic happens, located in Madrid and in Orpheus Tattoo my favorite Studio in New Jersey.

Italy saw my birth, but the world of geometric tattoos and patterns attracted me with its intricate beauty. Mandalas, carriers of Unity, Power, Protection and Harmony, became my favorite design to express my artistic devotion.

My work has reached far corners of the globe, captured on websites and magazine pages. My purpose is clear:

To create Geometric Tattoos that are not only visual works, but also bear personal meanings, designed to touch the souls of my clients.

As I continue to advance my career as a geometric tattoo artist, I have the honor of collaborating many times with other dotwork tattooers around the world, which helps me nurture my vision as an abstract tattoo artist.

I invite you to explore my vast and humble artistic repertoire: delve into psychedelic realms, explore mind-challenging territories, feel the richness of textures and get lost in enigmatic labyrinths.

In each creation, my goal is to leave a lasting impression on hearts and minds, allowing my tattoos to become a unique manifestation of the human experience. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey, where art and emotion merge on the skin, creating a masterpiece that will last through time.

Books are open for April 2024

Are you looking for a Best geometric tattoo artist in NJ?

Your search ends here, Jeanmarco is the visionary Sacred Geometry artist in New Jersey, capable of breathing life into your creative dreams like never before. He is your guide on this unique and dazzling artistic journey you long to embark on. Don’t hesitate, take the leap and experience the transformative power of Geometric Tattooing at its finest. His tattoos are more than simple works of art; they are portals to the soul, bridges to deep meaning.

Each mandala, each geometric pattern, is a door to your inner world, woven into your skin with passion and mastery. In her hands, geometry comes to life, dancing on your skin with the grace of a celestial symphony.

Trust Jeanmarco Cicolini’s vision and art to turn your dreams into a tangible reality, his tattoos will be eternal witnesses of your artistic expression, always reminding you of the emotional journey you undertook in search of your own creative essence.

Book now and let your skin do the talking!

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Jeanmarco Tattoo | Geometry Tattoo Artist Dallas

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